About Us

Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) is a Libyan and international independent non-governmental organisation.  We work on and in Libya with a growing network of lawyers, activists and grassroots communities across and outside the country. We seek justice in Libya through advocacy and outreach, accountability, transitional justice initiatives and capacity building, underpinned by our own independent research.

Research for the timeline of Libya’s conflict on this website was carried out by Emadeddin Badi,  LFJL Research Fellow and Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council.

This project was made possible by our partnership with International Media Support (IMS). IMS is an international media development organisation working across four continents and supporting local media to reduce conflict and strengthen democracy. It promotes press freedom, safety of journalists, good journalism and access to reliable information. Founded in 2001 in the wake of conflicts in Rwanda and the Balkans where media was used as a tool to incite war, IMS works in a context-sensitive manner, carefully assessing the needs of local media in each country before entering in close dialogue with local organisations and international peers.

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